A couple of costly tune-up mistakes you don’t want to ever make

Car maintenance is absolutely critical these days, especially with vehicles becoming more and more dependent upon advanced technology.

Sadly, because that tech is getting so advanced, even oil changes are a lot harder to pull off without a degree in rocket science. Well, it might not be that bad – yet – but it’s certainly getting there!

Anyway, if you want to be sure that your car is running in tip-top shape (even better than brand new, no matter how many miles it has on the clock), you’ll want to avoid costly car tuneup car mistakes that can set you back hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars along the way!

Keep yourself on a regular schedule

One of the biggest mistakes you can make – and certainly something that’s going to lead to an incredibly costly car tuneup – is not keeping your car on a regular schedule as far as maintenance is concerned.

If you’re changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you need to make sure it gets swapped out every 3,000 miles – not every 3,600, 3,800, or 3,300 miles. If you’re changing it every 5,000 miles, stick to that. It’s all about consistency.

How Much Does A Tune Up Cost

Make sure that your fluids aren’t just “topped up”

Another big costly car tuneup mistake you’ll need to avoid is making sure that you aren’t only getting your fluids “topped up”.

You should be getting your fluids flushed at regular intervals, making sure that they are completely overhauling the brake fluid, the oil, and the coolant lines as necessary. This is the kind of stuff you’ll only need to do once every couple of years (certainly not every time you go in for a tuneup), but it’s the kind of stuff you’ll need to have knocked out to keep your car maintenance costs as low as possible.

ALWAYS gets your hands on an itemized work order BEFORE work starts

Finally, you’ll want to be certain that you’re not getting crushed with a costly car tuneup by going in blind.

Instead, make sure that you’re given an itemized breakdown of all the things that are going to be included in your car tuneup ahead of time, with prices attached. This is the kind of critical info that keeps you from getting swindled during a tuneup. This little trick will save you from every dealing with costly car tuneups again!